Welcome to Polinoir

Polinoir is a digitally native news outlet designed for people seeking information in the new global economy. Our goal is to bring you thought provoking content with a worldview built for devices that you keep close at hand: tablets and smartphones.

It’s a new era and we want to embrace and embody the era for which we are currently in. We want to do for our era what The Economist did in the 1840s, what Wired did in the 1990s and pick up where a lot of sites left off in the 2000s.

The current political climate is shifting beneath our feet and there has never been more uncertainty. The global economy has linked us together, but fundamentally and ideologically we are worlds apart from each other.

We are obsessed about the same things you are and that’s what drove use to  create a newsroom focused on these topics befitting of the devices you consume content on.

As we build, we will make mistakes. We just ask that you be patient with us as we get it right. But more importantly, we ask that you keep coming back. Every day, we will do our best to inform you and give you just enough information to take on the day.

Call us a website, a blog or web app, Polinoir combines the best of all of these platforms in an elegant package. Our articles are boiled down to just the essentials. Your time is valuable and we get that. Therefore all of our articles are intelligently narrated and worthy of your time. We want to give you more than what dominates the current news cycle.

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