Last Monday, fans of the comic duo Desus and Mero received crushing confirmation that their favorite fast-talking, Bronx-repping, Timbs-rocking, Knicks-stanning commentators were not only ending their acclaimed late-night Showtime series but fully splitting apart as a duo.

Rumors of a rift between Desus Nice (real name Daniel Baker) and his longtime creative partner, the Kid Mero (real name Joel Martinez), had been circulating among the fan base for over a month, thanks to some cryptic tweets and Reddit comments, but that couldn’t prepare anyone for what was later revealed (ALLEGEDLY).

A split between Desus and Mero doesn’t just mean the end of a TV show, the much-loved Bodega Boys podcast, and an increasingly recognizable brand; it signifies the end of an era.

There may not be so many Breaking Bad references or invocations of hell this week, but to look at where the fan communities congregate and what they’ve been up to is instructive, not least because Desus and Mero themselves often interacted with the #BodegaHive (and one of them is keeping that up).

It took only a month for another online fan to help break the news, spurred by desperate messages from the Desus and Mero community asking what happened to the podcast.

On July 17, the admin of the Bodega Boys Daily Twitter and Instagram accounts posted their supposition that the duo was done for, putting together a June 19 tweet from Desus claiming the podcast would return, a July 12 Reddit comment by Mero directly countering that “ITS A WRAP,” and subsequent tweets by Desus three days later in part stating that the fans “deserved better than this ending.”

But as other fans dug up alleged confirmations from other Desus Mero insiders regarding Lopez’s behavior, the subreddit strayed from the initial Desus theories, kickstarting separate apology threads for both him and Anna Kendrick.

And in more recent days, Mero has liked tweets implying Victor Lopez was the hero in the fight against a villainous Showtime and responded to Reddit comments theorizing that the Puck stories were “leaked by people with a vested interest in Desus looking better in this whole thing.”

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