Lil Wayne shared a photo of a Robert “Uncle Bob” Hoobler, the police officer who saved his life when he was 12 Lil Wayne Pays Tribute to New Orleans Cop Who Saved His Life as a Child: ‘Refused to Let Me Die’ “Everything happens for a reason.

Lil Wayne, who grew up in New Orleans, has previously praised Hoobler for coming to his rescue after the 1994 shooting at his mother’s apartment.

Though off duty at the time, Hoobler drove to the scene alongside five other officers after a dispatch call was made about a disturbance, according to

With no ambulance available, Hoobler reportedly carried the future star to his the back of his cop car and took him the emergency room, telling him, “Stay awake, son.

Lil Wayne has recounted the story in many interviews since, telling the Daily Mail in 2018 that Hoobler was the only responding officer to offer him help.

Last August, during an interview with Emmanuel Acho on his Uncomfortable Conversations podcast, the “Uproar” rapper spoke again about the incident, and said he was suffering from a mental health crisis at the time.

After an aunt told him he wouldn’t be able to continue his rap career after he was caught ditching school, the star said he experienced suicidal ideation before grabbing a gun from his mother’s bedroom and attempting to end his life.

The rapper added that he was never able to detail the mental health problems he was facing to his mother — “You don’t speak in that language.

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