“My personal life, I’ve really kept pretty private,” the new mom and Greatness Wins apparel co-founder shares exclusively with PEOPLE Misty Copeland has taken some time off the stage to focus on two big projects in her life — a new baby and a fashion line.

As Copeland adapts to her new title of Mom, she’s also getting ready to embark on her son’s first travel experience.

Despite allowing cameras to follow her for her 2015 documentary, A Ballerina’s Tale, Copeland has kept much of her personal life, including her pregnancy news, out of the public eye.

While having her sights set high on performing again, the best-selling author and new mom is also going to be busy designing pieces for Greatness Wins’ women’s line in the spring.

I think ultimately it’s about creating functional, supportive, and beautiful products for women from all walks of life,” says Copeland.

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