The House voted on Monday to override President Trump’s veto of the annual military policy bill, mustering bipartisan support to enact the legislation over the president’s objections and handing him a rare legislative rebuke in the final days of his presidency.

The 322-to-87 vote is the first time a chamber of Congress has agreed to override one of Mr. Trump’s vetoes, underscoring the sweeping popularity of the military legislation, which authorizes a pay raise for the nation’s troops.

In an interview on Monday evening, Mr. Sanders said that he planned to block an attempt on Tuesday by Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, to expedite consideration of the military policy bill, unless Mr. McConnell committed to putting the bigger relief checks on the floor for a vote.

But Mr. Trump, making good on a monthslong series of threats, vetoed the bipartisan legislation on Wednesday, citing a shifting list of reasons including his objection to a provision directing the military to strip the names of Confederate leaders from bases.

Senior lawmakers shepherding the legislation had hoped that mustering a veto-proof majority in favor of it would cow Mr. Trump into signing the bill.

New York Times

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