The coronavirus pandemic is causing financial stress and anxiety for many Americans, yet it is people of color who are feeling it the most, according to an analysis of the American Staffing Association’s latest survey on the workforce.Hispanics/Latinos and Blacks are more worried than whites about their employment situation, such as finding a new job, having the necessary skills to land a job, the need to transition to a new career or role, and losing a job.Needing new skills to land a new job was the biggest worry for Blacks, at 56 percent.“While our data doesn’t illuminate the drivers, it’s clear that demographic data from [the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics] and Census underscore long standing disparities in income, education and occupational attainment based on race,” Wahlquist.

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“Some people of color are experiencing self doubt and have very little confidence to apply for jobs that they are not 100 percent qualified for,” she added.

Wahlquist hopes the ASA’s findings spark more research into the reasons behind greater worry among people of color.

“We hope these findings lead to more support for these groups to help alleviate some of these financial and work worries for the long term — not just during the current pandemic-caused economic recession,” he said.

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