While protests on Saturday were mostly peaceful, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey was met with a chorus of boos after telling a group of demonstrators he did not support abolishing the city police department.

When Frey replied that he did not, the crowd booed him as he walked away. They also chanted “Go home, Jacob, go home” and “shame,” according to video posted to Twitter.

In a statement to CNN, a spokesperson for Frey said the mayor is “unwavering in his commitment to working with Chief (Medaria) Arradondo toward deep structural reforms and uprooting systemic racism. He does not support abolishing the police department.”

The 38-year-old mayor was sworn into office in 2018 and is the second youngest in the city’s history. Frey was an employment and civil rights attorney before taking office, according to the city’s website.

One of the issues he ran on was police reform. Part of his platform included introducing use of force reforms, implicit bias training, de-escalation techniques, and officer accountability, according to Ballotpedia.

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