Donald Trump is finally, kinda-sorta getting his “big, beautiful wall”—not along the southern border, mind you, but around the White House. Like much of the wall he made a symbol of his xenophobic presidential campaign in 2016, this barrier is actually fencing reinforcing what was already there. But the fencing authorities installed around the White House is taller than what had surrounded the complex before, designed to keep at bay the protesters who prompted the president to retreat into an underground bunker last weekend.

The new fortification—which a Secret Service source told Fox News is “standard anti-riot fencing and ranges from seven feet to more than nine feet high”—comes amid days of largely peaceful protests outside the White House.

On Friday, after some of those demonstrating against systemic racism and police brutality breached temporary fences near the White House, Trump and his family were whisked into a secure bunker—a sore spot for the president, who has spent days now trying to convince everyone that he wasn’t rattled by the episode and that he’s actually super brave.

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