The Department of Labor announced Friday 2.5 million jobs were added in May, however, unemployment among African Americans has hit its highest rate in a decade.

According to The New York Times, the numbers defied the expectations of economists, who were predicting unemployment to exceed 20%, but were hopeful the recovery would be faster than originally expected. However, The Hill reported African American unemployment hit its highest rate in a decade in May, despite an economy-wide reduction in unemployment.

For African Americans, the unemployment rate rose from 16.7% to 16.8%. The new rate is the highest rate in more than a decade, according to an analysis of statistics by Bloomberg.

Unemployment for Latinos fell from 18.9% to 17.6% but is still the highest among all racial and ethnic groups surveyed by Bloomberg. Many are pointing to states reopening as a reason for the rise in employment, even as coronavirus cases rise in many states.

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