Today (June 5) marks what should have been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday. The award-winning EMT was fatally shot on March 13 by Louisville police after cops barged into her and her boyfriend’s home and fired 22 shots at both of them. The officers had been acting under a No Knock Search Warrant, which allows police to enter a home without identifying themselves as officers.

According to The Louisville Courier Journal, police had been investigating two men they believed to be selling drugs from a house that was nowhere near Breonna’s. A Louisville judge signed the warrant allowing police to enter Breonna’s home because cops allegedly believed her house had been receiving packages from the suspects. However, no drugs were found in her home. Furthermore, Breonna’s family’s lawyer says police had already located the main suspect in the investigation before raiding her home.

As protests continue around the world against police violence, it’s important to honor Breonna on her birthday and remember that the officers involved in her death have still not been arrested.

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