Scrolling down the timelines on my various social media feeds has highlighted the glaring, contradictory lived experiences of folks in America. There are many messages about #BlackLivesMatter, calls for “No Justice No Peace,” and posts surrounding the shameful replaying of George Floyd’s final days on earth on broadcast news. I also see the glaring absence of posts from my non-black friends, a sprinkle of condemnation about the protests/riots, and finally, my favorite of all statements, “We need to pray.”

In spite of this, nothing has managed to infuriate me more than the willful ignorance, and apathetic response to the pain of black people-fighting for the right to live. I came across Mark Clennon’s picture on Instagram that featured the juxtaposition of how the right to live in America is a priority for some, and a privilege for others. I found myself having such a visceral response to this image. I instantly thought two things: Priorities & Privilege.

“The ability to compartmentalize racism is an invisible line that separates people of choice from people of color.”

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