The thing is, racism isn’t new. It just has to stop.

The capabilities to document and share it in real time are what put the light on racism in today’s day. Technology, social media and media, in general, allow us to see what’s been hush hush. This has been happening all along and some people just brush it a side. That has to stop. People grouping people because of stereotypical beliefs, because of where we’re from, because of the color of our skin. It has to stop. All this lead to mindsets that negate common sense and instill hatred leading to murder, yes murder!

For all of you who are so far removed from understanding it or even attempting to understand it, I want you to IMAGINE yourself as the victim in any of these real life cases.

Take a moment and seriously close your eyes and IMAGINE someone kneeling into your neck as you gasp for air and say you cannot breathe. This isn’t a game and not someone you are fighting with, but someone who is just kneeling on your neck just because…and who is supposed to uphold the law.

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