President Trump’s networth has taken a bit of tumble this past year to the tune of almost $600 million, According to Forbes’ 400 list ranking the richest Americans, Trump’s networth fell from $3.7 billion to $3.1 billion. Last year he was ranked as the 156th wealthiest American, now he has fallen to 248th tied with Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel and others.

“Trump did not campaign with the magazine in an effort to boost his ranking as he’s done in years past. We’ll see if he tweets today. I know he cares a lot.” – Luisa Kroll, Forbes magazine senior wealth editor

 The top 10 members of America’s most exclusive club:

1. Microsoft’s Bill Gates is ranked at the top for the 24th-consecutive year, with a net worth of $89 billion in 2017.
2. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is second for the second-consecutive year, with a net worth of $81.5 billion in 2017.
3. Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett is third for the second year in a row, after dropping in 2016 from his 15-year hold on the second spot. His net worth is currently $78 billion.
4. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was Forbes’ “biggest gainer,” with his net worth jumping $15.5 billion to $78 billion.
5. Oracle’s Larry Ellison has a net worth of $59 billion.
6 & 7. Koch Industries’ Charles Koch and David Koch tied. The brothers have a net worth of $48.5 billion each.
8. Bloomberg’s Michael Bloomberg has a net worth of $46.8 billion.
9. Google’s Larry Page shows a net worth of $44.6 billion.
10. Google’s Sergey Brin has a net worth: $43.4 billion.

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