Google CEO Sundar Pichai visited Pittsburgh earlier this week to announce a new five-year, $1 billion initiative to help close the education gap. Part of the program is a “Grow with Google” program designed to work with cities as well as a grant to Goodwill worth $10 million that will see Google employees working with the nonprofit organization to help train employees in digital areas.

Here’s an overview of the Program:

  • The U.S. Grow with Google initiative will allow communities to access trainings and other resources from Google. A multi-city tour to kick off the effort will start Nov. 10 in Indianapolis.
  • The partnership with Goodwill aims to have 1,000 Google employees training 1.2 million people in digital skills and job opportunities over the next three years.
  • The global effort will provide $1 billion in grants to nonprofits around the world. Google is pledging 1 million employee volunteer hours as well.

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