A full three weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, 83% of the island is still without power, 36% is without potable water, and 13% of grocery stores still remain closed. Adding insult to injury were president Trumps Tweets threatening to pull out of the island. 

“Tweet away your hate to mask your administrations mishandling of this humanitarian crisis. While you are amusing yourself throwing paper towels at us, your compatriots and the world are sending love and help our way… I ask every American that has love, and not hate in their hearts, to stand with Puerto Rico and let this president know WE WILL NOT BE LEFT TO DIE.” – Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz of San Juan

Here are the latest stats from the Puerto Rican government website:

  •  The official death toll has remained at 45 since Tuesday night, and more deaths are expected as islanders continue to suffer from infections, bad road conditions and other consequences of the storm.
  • Congress will vote today to provide supplemental funding to areas in the U.S. suffering from natural disasters, Paul Ryan said at his Thursday briefing.
  • Boots on the ground: More than 19,000 federal civilian personnel and military service members, including more than 1,400 FEMA personnel, are on the ground in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • State help: 22 U.S. states are helping in PR, and 15 in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Electricity: 17% of the island has power, up from 10% Wednesday. Roughly 37% of cell towers have been restored.
  • Food: Approximately 87% of grocery stores are open.
  • Gas: Roughly 78% of retail gas stations are operational (860 of 1,100).
  • Shelter: 5,602 people remain in shelters across the island, down from 5,742 Wednesday. 107 shelters are open and operating.
  • Transportation: Only 392 miles of Puerto Rico’s 5,073 miles of roads are open. All commercial airports and federally maintained ports are open, some with restrictions.
  • Education: PR’s Secretary of Education told NPR Wednesday that, of the nation’s 1,113 public schools, 22 reopened last week and another 145 this week.
  • Water and waste: Approximately 64% of Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA) customers have potable water. 60% of waste water treatment plants are working on generator power.
  • Medical care: 97% (65/67) hospitals are open, down from 100% Tuesday. Many remain on backup power systems, and are without air conditioning. 91% (44/48) of Dialysis Centers are open, down from 96% Tuesday.
  • Banks: 62% of bank branches (195 of 313) are open and operating.

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